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Sanialarm masked picture


The Sanialarm comes equipped with an 80dB buzzer and a level pressure switch that...
Original macerator pump


The Original Macerator Pump for Bathroom! Often referred to as a...
  • Toilet
Drainage pump station

Sanicubic 1 WP

Sanicubic 1 WP Drainage Pump Station The Sanicubic 1 WP is a robust...
Macerating pump for installing one WC

Saniaccess 1

Macerating Pump for Installing One WC The Saniaccess 1 macerating pump...
  • Toilet


Suction Pump for Installing Half-bathroom Similar to the original...
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins
Condensate pump for boilers

Sanicondens Pro

Condensate Pump for Boilers The Sanicondens Pro is specially designed...
  • Air conditioner
  •  Gas boiler
Drainage pump for installing a washroom

Saniaccess 2

Drainage Pump for Installing a Washroom The Saniaccess 2 bathroom...
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins
Macerator sewage pump

Sanipro XR

Macerator Sewage Pump to Install a Full Bathroom! Used to add a...
  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins
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