Installing a boiler

If you want to replace your ageing boiler with a condensing boiler or even more simply to move it to another location in the house, you will need to remove and refit it. Always check that the condensates are treated correctly and removed. Saniflo products offer you simple and effective solutions to neutralise acids, pump them away, or to do both at the same time.

During it's combustion activity, a condensing boiler produces flue gas residues called condensates. This waste is acidic and must therefore be treated before being disposed of. Environmental legislation states that acidic condensates must be removed separately.

Installing a boiler

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Sanicondens Pro

Sanicondens Pro

The Sanicondens Pro is specially designed for disposal of acidic concentrates...
  • Air conditioner
  •  Gas boiler

A condensing boiler is supplied by gas, fuel oil or propane. This energy source will ignite a burner and provide heat. This involves heating the water in the heating circuit from the boiler to the radiators and heating the water in the bathroom, the shower room and the kitchen. The condensing boiler is a good way to save energy. In order for it to function without problems, the condensate must be drained off.  


Pump away condensate from a condensing boiler: why and how?


The boiler produces a condensate during combustion. This liquid is acidic and must be drained. It cannot be mixed with other wastewater for ecological reasons. Some boilers have their own drain system for the condensate, but if not we can help.

SFA is an expert in this field. We can supply both a condensate removal system and a neutralisation system. The Sanicondens Pro combines these two features. Its installation below your boiler will neutralise the acidity of the condensates and pump them away in complete safety.

The Sanicondens Pro is a compact version of this product: it has four inlets, it's small in size and has a tank with a capacity of 2 litres. It can be fitted to the wall or to the floor.

The SFA solution for condensate removal is quiet and designed specifically to neutralise acidic water using a system of refillable granules. A first pack of granules is included in the starter kit and should be replaced once a year. The neutralisation of the waste means your pipework remains protected from any acid attack.

The Sanicondens Pro can also be connected to a dehumidifier. It comes with a pre-connected alarm in case of power cuts and a complete installation kit with non-return valve.

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