Sanialarm masked picture
  • Sanialarm masked picture


The Sanialarm comes equipped with an 80dB buzzer and a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm on top of a unit when water levels exceed a predetermined level. The alarm is designed to emit a continuous warning sound until it is turned off and the problem is rectified.

 Benefits of installing the Sanialarm:

  • Can help protect against flooding
  • Easy and quick to install on the lid of the Saniflo unit
  • Suitable for new and existing Saniflo installations (see individual products to see if suitable)
  • Added peace of mind, thanks to its 80dB buzzer

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In order to prevent flooding, the SFA Sanialarm is designed to ensure that the unit is working properly and provides an early warning. This can be added to many SFA units for added security and peace of mind. If the water level exceeds the maximum limit, the Sanialarm has a level pressure switch that triggers an alarm. The alarm’s buzzer...

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