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Our macerators and lift pumps make it possible to install sanitary fixtures anywhere, without major remodelling. Thanks to the macerating and lifting performance of our fixtures, you can install a wet area in the basement, under the eaves, or in the attic.



1/ Installation method (by yourself or by a professional)

For your project, you can choose to install your product yourself or use a professional installer.


2/ The room you want to create/renovate

Our macerators and lift pumps let you install a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room anywhere, with no major remodelling. Discharge solutions for boiler and air conditioner condensates are also available.


3/ The fixtures you would like to connect

Standard/wall-hung toilet, shower/bathtub, choose from the list the appliances you wish to install/add to your room.


4/ Our solutions

Discover SFA solutions to make your project happen!