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Grey water pump for kitchen

Discover SFA's efficient Grey Water Drainage Pumps that will eliminate your drainage worries.

SFA specialises in the design of grey water lifting solutions that are easy-to-install, eliminating the need for major building work. Our grey water drainage pump range of products is economical, compact, and long-lasting.

SFA's grey water pumps have been particularly built for easy installation, removing the need for substantial construction. Our extensive product line, which includes Sanivite, Sanispeed, and Sanishower, can be easily installed to handle multiple connections in a variety of locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and so on. Whether you're looking to install a wash basin, washing machine, dishwasher, bidet, shower, or bathtub, SFA has the ideal product to perfectly cater to your requirements.

About Grey Water Pump.

A grey water pump is a specific type of lifting pump that is designed to handle grey water generated from sources like sinks, baths, showers, and washing machines. SFA's Grey Water Drainage Pump range includes Sanivite, Sanispeed, and Sanishower that can be easily installed in both commercial and residential environments.

Grey water pump

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Shower Drain Pump for Shower Cabin The Sanishower is a shower drain...
  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Washbasins


Undersink Pump for Residential Kitchen Sanivite is an undersink pump...
  • Bathtub
  • Bidet
  • Dishwasher
  • Shower
  • Washbasins
  • Washing machine


Kitchen Sink Pump for Commercial Kitchen The Sanispeed kitchen sink...
Grey water lift station

Sanicom 1

Grey Water Lift Station Sanicom 1 is an automatic, powerful grey water...
Two-motor grey water lifting pump

Sanicom 2

Two-motor Grey Water Lifting Pump The Sanicom 2 is identical to the...
Under sink drain pump

Need to install a new bathroom with new drainage? Our selection of grey water lifting pumps is specifically designed for showers, sinks, and washing machines. With SFA grey water pumps, you can easily install 22, 28, or 32 mm discharge pipework into false ceilings or transport waste water horizontally over several metres.

SFA grey water pumps provide excellent alternatives to stainless steel water pumps, particularly our Sanispeed kitchen sink drain pump, which is considered as the best under sink drain pump available. These drainage pumps effectively overcome gravity drainage issues and efficiently pump grey water horizontally or vertically. SFA pumps are suitable for commercial applications, built to withstand heavy-duty usage, and operate silently to ensure peace of mind. Our professional service team will ensure the proper installation of SFA products.

Our range of designs includes SanishowerSanispeedSaniviteSanicom 1, and Sanicom 2, all offering reliable grey water lifting solutions.

These solutions can be easily installed for multiple connections in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, and even lift stations. Regardless of whether you need to install a wash basin, washing machine, dishwasher, bidet, shower, or bathtub, SFA has the perfect product to meet your needs.


Advantages of installing the Grey Water Pump:

      Easy Installation: Our kitchen sink drainage pumps are designed for easy installation, making it feasible to integrate grey water systems into both new and existing buildings.

      Cost Saving: The ease of installation with minimal construction work ensures cost-effectiveness.

      Space-Saving: SFA pumps are compact and can be easily installed in small spaces, which makes them suitable for installations in areas with limited room.

      Versatility: Our under sink drainage pump can handle a variety of grey water sources, accommodating different fixtures and appliances in both commercial and residential settings.


Common applications of the SFA Grey Water Pump:

      Small Commercial Spaces: Cafes, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, spas, launderettes, retail store, mall’s food court, fitness centres, office kitchens, etc.

      Healthcare Facilities: Dental clinics or veterinary clinics.

      Hospitality Industry: Hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, or guesthouses.

      Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, or universities.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q 1. What is a grey water pump?

A: A grey water pump is a type of pump designed to collect and transport waste water away from a variety of sources such as a kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, and other applications.

Q 2. How does a grey water pump differ from a regular sump pump?

A: While both pumps handle water, a grey water pump is specifically designed to handle wastewater from non-toilet sources, whereas a sump pump is designed to remove water from basements or low-lying areas. 

Q 3. Can a grey water pump handle solid waste?

A: Grey water pumps are not intended for handling solid waste. They are designed to handle water with minimal suspended solids, such as soap residue and food particles.

Q 4. What are the installation requirements for the grey water pump?

A: The installation process requires a standard electrical connection and a suitable discharge pipe.

Q 5. Does the SFA grey water pump require electricity to operate?

A: Yes, the SFA grey water pump requires an electrical connection for operation. It is equipped with a powerful motor to effectively pump and transport grey water. 


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