Installing a kitchen or laundry room

Need a functional kitchen or laundry room that also looks beautiful? We have the solution for whatever you need.

Install a Kitchen With Little to No Hassle.

From a kitchen sink installation to a kitchen drainage system, SFA has got you covered.

For individual households, Sanivite helps with kitchen waste water drainage from your appliances (kitchen sink, washing machine or dishwasher). Whereas for commercial spaces and commercial kitchen sinks, we suggest Sanispeed (for light commercial environments) or the Sanicom 1 or 2 (for heavier commercial environments.)

Installing a kitchen or laundry room

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Makes it possible to drain wastewater from your appliances Makes it possible...
  • Bathtub
  • Bidet
  • Dishwasher
  • Shower
  • Washbasins
  • Washing machine


Ideal for light commercial environments such as small shops, cafes, offices, bars...
Sanialarm masked picture


The Sanialarm comes equipped with an 80dB buzzer and a level pressure switch that...
Sanicom 1

Sanicom 1

Sanicom 1 is an automatic, powerful lifting station for waste water used in busy...
Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2

The Sanicom 2 is identical to Sanicom 1, but features two powerful motors where...


Why not convert a space into a laundry room ? 


It is perfectly possible to set up a new laundry room in a place not originally intended for this use. A basement or garage, or any other unused room can also do the trick provided they meet basic safety standards.

The installation of a laundry room does not require major work and can be carried out quickly and easily.  In addition to an electrical connection, all you need is a water inlet and an outlet for grey water. Once you have these, SFA offers a single pump solution with small bore pipework. This pump is designed in such a way that it can withstand water temperatures up to 75 degrees whilst being quiet and compatible with all types of washing machines.   

A new laundry room could change your lifestyle !

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