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Sanicondens Clim Deco

AC Drain Pump to Remove Condensate

The Sanicondens Clim Deco is a discreet AC drain pump that is used to expel condensate from air conditioning and refrigeration units. The Sanicondens Clim Deco combines functionality with a stylish design, offering efficient condensate removal for both residential and commercial HVAC systems.

  • Suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration units 
  • Prevents dripping
  • Discharge in 8 or 10 mm pipe
  • Automatic reset thermal protector
  • Operates silently

The Sanicondens Clim Deco is installed to efficiently expel the condensate from refrigeration units and air conditioning units. This pump for AC drain line is discreet, quiet, and easy to install. The Sanicondens Clim Deco’s tank is equipped to hold 175 ml of volume and has a flow rate of 15 L/h. This AC drain pump discharges the condensate...

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Sanicondens Clim Deco datasheet

Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
145 x 57 x 115

*The Sanicondens Clim Deco comes with a wall mount and screw caps.

Ref: EAN 3308815012216

Sanicondens Clim Deco
Max. flow rate 15L/h
Diameter of the inlet 22 mm
Diameter of the drain 8-10 mm
Supply voltage 220-240 V
Power frequency 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power 22 W
Protection index IP20
Maximum temperature of incoming water 35 °C
Sound level 23 dB(A)
Max. vertical discharge 6 m
Tank volume 175 ml
Possible connections Air conditioners up to 10 kW
Sanicondens Clim Deco condensate pump

Sanicondens Clim Deco

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