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SFA aims to offer you all the necessary support by providing you with information designed to save you time and give you greater efficiency: data sheets, description of our BIM solutions & objects. 

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SFA Pumpselect

Discover SFA PumpSelect which allows you to quickly and accurately select a solution according to your configuration and get a complete sizing directly downloadable.

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BIM files

BIM object allws you to download all 3D files of SFA products in order to integrate them into your design plans. 

CCTP files

The standard description sheets of our products allow you to support the recommendation of our products within your project's framework for which you are the prime contractor. 

Our pre-written descriptions will help you put together your project file. 

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As a project manager, you are looking for the best solution and its information for your client while respecting the project's constraints. Of course, you must take their needs into account, analyse their problems, consider the site restrictions and offer them the most relevant solutions.

As an expert you must be accurate with the answers you provide. Indeed you can greatly influence the final decisions for a project. You must therefore be aware of the latest technical solutions. In addition, you have an advisory role with regard to compliance with the various regulations.

The growing constraint of exploiting previously unbuilt land, combined with demographic pressure and the need to collect water for treatment, means that you have to meet many challenges. Water management is one of the most important points in the construction of buildings and even more so when transforming an office building into a dwelling, for example.

SFA, a recognised player in water lifting since 1958, offers a wide and comprehensive range for all types of water, whether grey, black or rainwater. SFA offers you all the support you need by providing you with information designed to save you time and help you to become more efficient. For example, description sheets of our BIM solutions & objects. 

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