AC drain pump

AC drain pump for lifting condensate from air conditioners.

Air conditioners generate condensate that requires a specialised approach for collection and disposal. Recognising this need, SFA offers a range of silent and high-performance solutions in the form of AC drain pumps for draining condensate from air conditioners with up to 8 kW of cooling capacity.


About Saniclim Condensate Pump.

Our range of condensate pumps are designed to remove condensate water that accumulates in various heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. They are commonly used with condensing boilers, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration systems.


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AC drain pump

Why is Drainage of AC Condensate Necessary?

AC systems produce steam, which condenses into liquid during the cooling process. This liquid, known as condensate, must be drained. Regulations prohibit the discharge of condensate into wastewater, making it necessary to install a lifting system that enables its evacuation through an alternative route or into the ceiling. If you're searching for the best AC drain pump for air conditioners in India, your search ends here.

Three Solutions for Efficient Condensate Removal from Air Conditioners.

SFA's product range offers three reliable lifting systems for your air conditioner:

    Sanicondens Clim Deco is a discreetly designed lift pump for AC drain line, that ensures effective drainage.

    Sanicondens Clim Mini S is a small yet powerful pump that can be easily integrated into your wall-mounted air conditioner. Operating silently, it works in two stages: first, the condensate is collected in the detector, and then it is efficiently emptied using a suction pump.

    Sanicondens Clim Pack S is an aesthetic solution that comes in the form of an easy-to-install kit. It includes the Sanicondens Clim Mini S pump, delivered with trunking. This pack offers smooth functionality, silent operation, and an appealing design.

Each AC drain pump in our range is designed for easy installation. Supplied with a numbered and schematically illustrated user manual, integrating the pump into your wall-mounted air conditioning system is a straightforward process. For more information, please refer to our FAQ section.

Advantages of installing the Saniclim AC Drain Pump:

      Efficient condensate removal: Our AC drain pumps can efficiently remove condensate water that accumulates in HVAC systems, preventing potential water damage and ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment.

      Easy installation: Our AC condensate pumps are designed for easy installation, with simple connections to the condensate drain of the HVAC equipment, reducing installation time and costs.

      Compact and space-saving design: Our drain pump for air conditioners are typically compact, making them easy to install in tight spaces, such as wall-mounted or concealed within cabinets.

      Versatility: SFA's Saniclim pumps can be used with various HVAC systems, including air conditioners, condensing boilers, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration systems, making them versatile for different applications.


Common applications of the SFA Saniclim AC Drain Pump:

AC unit under 8 kW for offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, institutes, clinics, hospitals, multi-family residential buildings, and condominiums.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q 1. What does an AC condensate pump do?

A: An AC condensate pump is a device to remove condensed water from air conditioning systems that accumulates during the cooling process.

Q 2. Do all AC units have a condensate pump?

A: No, not all air conditioning units have a condensate pump.

Q 3. Can the Saniclim AC condensate collector pump handle different AC unit powers?

A: Yes, the Saniclim pump is designed to be versatile and can handle various AC units under 8 kW, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Q 4. Can the Saniclim pump be used with different AC brands and models?

A: Yes, the Saniclim pump is designed to be compatible with various AC brands and models, making it a versatile choice for condensate removal across different systems.

Q 5. Does the Saniclim pump produce noise during operation?

A: No, the Saniclim AC condensate collector pump is engineered to operate quietly, ensuring a noise-free environment in your living or working space.


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