Terms and Conditions for Warranty:

1. The warranty will be valid for up to 24 months from the date of purchase (sales invoice as proof), subject to correct installation and use.

2. A valid copy of the sales receipt will need to be uploaded.

3. Installation should be done as per SFA India’s installation manual.

4. The warranty will be applicable only if the installation and commissioning is done under the supervision of or validated by an SFA service technician.          Click here to Download the Installation manual!

5. Warranty Coverage-

    i. What is covered under the warranty?

    The warranty will cover only manufacturing defects.

    ii. What is not covered under the warranty?

    The warranty will not cover any Electrical parts.

        - Electrical short circuit due to water and voltage fluctuation

    The warranty will not cover any mishandling of the product.

        - Any damage due to foreign objects (cotton, condoms, sanitary towels, wet wipes, food, hair, metal, wood, plastic objects, etc.)

        - Use of solvents, acids, and other chemicals. 

6. Any servicing performed on the pump by anyone other than an SFA service provider voids the warranty.


Note: Please ensure the product chosen is correct for the application. Incorrect product choice and installation will invalidate the warranty. 

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