Condensate lift pump

Condensate pump for lifting condensate from boilers.

The evacuation of condensate from boilers cannot always be by means of gravity alone. This is why SFA provides a whole range of condensate lift pumps: for gas and oil boilers, for small kitchen boilers as well as for boilers that need condensate neutralisation systems.


About Sanicondens Condensate Pump.

Our range of condensate pumps are designed to remove and discharge condensate water that accumulates in various heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. They are typically used in situations where gravity drainage is not feasible or efficient. Our condensate pumps are compact and versatile, making them suitable for both commercial and residential applications. They are commonly used with condensing boilers, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration systems.


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Condensate pump for boilers

Sanicondens Pro

Condensate Pump for Boilers The Sanicondens Pro is specially designed...
  • Air conditioner
  •  Gas boiler
Condensate pump for boiler

Any condensing boiler emits condensate, generated by the combustion fumes. Cold water is circulated in hot fumes, which creates condensation, causing a transfer of energy from the fumes to the water. These condensates that result from the fumes are acidic. Care must be taken for condensate pump installation as they can deal with aggressive condensates.

SFA is an expert in this field. We offer the SANICONDENS PRO whose role is to lift the condensates from your boilers to the closest sewage point nearby.


Advantages of installing the Sanicondens Condensate Pump:

      Compact Design: The pumps are designed to be space-efficient, allowing for easy installation in confined spaces.

      Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our Sanicondens condensate pumps that are known to lift the condensates from boilers are typically designed for easy installation and maintenance, with simple connections and accessible components.

      Quiet Operation: These boiler condensate pumps are designed to operate quietly, minimizing noise disruption in the surroundings.

      Reliable performance: SFA is known for producing high-quality pumps, and the Sanicondens range is designed to be reliable and durable, providing long-lasting performance.

Common applications of the SFA Sanicondens Condensate Pump:

Office buildings, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, hotels, resorts, commercial kitchens, hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q 1. What is condensate in a boiler?

A: Condensate in a boiler refers to the water that is produced as a result of the combustion process within the boiler.

Q 2. Does my boiler need a condensate pump?

A: Whether your boiler needs a condensate pump depends on the specific type of boiler you have and its installation requirements. Condensate pumps are typically used in boilers that produce condensation as a byproduct of the combustion process.

Q 3. How does the Sanicondens pump work?

A: The Sanicondens pump utilises a powerful motor to pump the collected condensate from the boiler to a designated drainage point, ensuring a continuous and reliable operation.

Q 4. Can the Sanicondens pump be installed in tight spaces?

A: Absolutely! The Sanicondens pump's compact design allows for easy installation in confined spaces, making it ideal for various boiler setups.

Q 5. Can Sanicondens handle high condensate volumes? 

A: Yes, Sanicondens is equipped to handle both low and high condensate flow rates. Its robust motor and efficient pumping mechanism make it suitable for various boiler sizes and applications.


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