The Sanishower can be installed next to or underneath a shower tray with access for maintenance. Capable of pumping a standard electric or gravity mixer shower. Two inlets mean a wash basin can be added too.

  • Pump suitable for a shower and a wash basin
  • Overcomes gravity drainage issues and allows basement showers
  • Can be fitted under or next to shower tray
  • Pumps up to 4m vertically or 40m horizontally

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The Sanishower is an ideal shower pump that can be installed next to or even underneath a shower tray with easy access for maintenance. This grey water pump is capable of pumping for a standard electric shower or gravity mixer shower. The Sanishower comes fully equipped with two inlets, which means that, if needed, a wash basin can be added...

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Sanishower datasheet

Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
293 x 177 x 167

Max. flow rate 70 L/min
Number of inlets available 2
Diameter of the inlet 40 mm
Recommended discharge diameter 32 mm
Engine consumption 250 W
Supply voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Maximum absorbed current 1.3 A
Electrical class I
Protection index IP44
Maximum temperature of incoming water 35 °C
Sound level 46 dB(A)
Max. horizontal discharge 50 m
Max. vertical discharge 5 m
Weight 3.5 kg
Switching height 65 mm
Shower tray height 12 cm