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Sanipro XR

Macerator Sewage Pump to Install a Full Bathroom!

Used to add a complete bathroom. The Sanipro XR can easily deal with a WC, wash basin, bidet and a power shower. The Sanipro XR macerator sewage pump provides a solution for creating additional bathroom facilities in locations where traditional gravity drainage is not practical, such as in basement installations or additions to existing structures.

  • Installation for a complete bathroom
  • No core cutting or digging a pit
  • Quiet technology
  • Compact design
  • Connection to a WC, washbasin, shower, bidet

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Sanipro XR is the ideal solution when you need to install a complete bathroom. It can easily take waste from a commode (WC), wash basin, bidet, and a power shower and discharge it to the nearest connected sewage line.


The benefits of installing the Sanipro XR are:


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Sanipro XR datasheet

Ref. SANIPRO: 0100900

Sanipro XR
Number of inlets available 4
Diameter of inlets 100/40 mm
Recommended discharge diameter 22/28/32 mm
Engine consumption 400W
Supply voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Electrical class I
Protection index IP44
Sound level 46 dB(A)
Max. horizontal discharge 100 m
Max. vertical discharge 5 m
Shower tray height 13 cm

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