Sanicubic 2 VX

Sanicubic 2 VX

The Sanicubic 2 VX is our largest lifting station for commercial use handling up to 40m³/hour of waste water via two 2kW pumps. It is easy to install as it stands on the floor and does not need to be positioned below ground.

  • Ideal for large volume commercial situations
  • Large bore vortex pump which can pump away waste without the need to macerate
  • Large 120 litre tank volume
  • Pumps up to 10m vertically through 80m pipework, or up to 6m vertically through 100m pipework, can pump up to 110m horizontally

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The Sanicubic 2 VX is one of SFA’s largest waste water pump station used for commercial use, handling up to 40m³/hour of wastewater via two 2kW pumps.


The benefits of installing the Sanicubic 2 VX are:


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Sanicubic 2 VX datasheet

Sanicubic 2 VX S Sanicubic 2 VX T
Order type Classic control box Classic control box
Pump body PA 12 GF PA 12 GF
Motor body PA 12 GF PA 12 GF
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 230 V 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 2000 W 3500 W
Power output P2 1400 W 2800 W
Mode of operation S3 30% S3 15%
Protection index IP68 IP68
HMT max. 13 m 16 m
Max. flow rate 40 m³/h 55 m³/h
Ext. inlets diameter 40, 50, 100, 110, 125 mm 40, 50, 100, 110 mm
Ext. discharge diameter 90/110 mm 90/110 mm
Ext. ventilation diameter 75 mm 75 mm
Total volume 120 L 120 L
Useful volume 26 L 26 L
ON/OFF level 165/95 mm 165/95 mm
Alarm level 235 mm 235 mm
Free passage 50 mm 50 mm
Max. permissible temperature of the pumped liquid 70°C (5 mins) 70°C (5 mins)
Wheel type Vortex wheel Vortex wheel
Switching type Pneumatic Pneumatic
Identification & Logistics
Gross weight 101 kg 102 kg
EAN code 3308815063140 3308815074689

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Sanicubic 2 VX

Sanicubic 2 VX

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