Case Study: Implementation of the Sanishower Pump for Green Walls at a Local Office

Case studies 04/18/2024

Case Study: Implementation of the Sanishower Pump for Green Walls at a Local Office


In the modern infrastructure landscape, integrating green walls for wastewater drainage presents both innovative design opportunities and logistical challenges. SFA India recently encountered such a challenge when tasked with installing 16 green walls across 8 floors of a local office building. This case study delves into how SFA India tackled the need for efficient wastewater collection and pumping using the Sanishower grey water pump, making life easier for the local community.

The Challenge:

The local office building presented SFA India with a complex challenge: to install 16 green walls, each requiring an active water connection, spread across multiple floors. The primary obstacle was to devise a solution for collecting wastewater from the green walls and pumping it to the nearest drainage point, situated 10 meters away. Here’s how SFA India tackled the challenge at hand. 

The Solution:

SFA India devised a tailored solution by implementing 16 Sanishower, strategically connected to each green wall. The Sanishower pump by Saniflo efficiently collected dripping water from the plants into a tray positioned at the base, subsequently channeling it through 32 mm pipes to the nearest drainage point. Remarkably, the compact dimensions of the Sanishower grey water pump facilitated discreet installation within wooden enclosures, seamlessly integrating with the office building's aesthetics.


Features and Benefits of Sanishower:

The Sanishower grey water pump boasts an array of features tailored to address diverse wastewater pumping needs:

Versatility: It is capable of accommodating both shower and washbasin wastewater, catering to varied installation requirements.

Gravity Overcoming Design: It can overcome gravity drainage limitations, facilitating basement shower installations where conventional drainage may be challenging.

Compact Design: Sanishower pump by Saniflo allows for installation underneath or adjacent to shower trays, optimizing space utilization.

Efficient Pumping: It is capable of pumping wastewater up to 4 meters vertically and 40 meters horizontally, ensuring reliable drainage regardless of spatial constraints.

Low Trigger Threshold: It can operate with a low trigger threshold, ensuring prompt wastewater removal and preventing overflow.

Ease of Maintenance: It is designed for easy servicing and regular maintenance, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.



Beyond its application in the context of office buildings, the versatility of the Sanishower drainage pump extends to diverse settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Whether facilitating basement showers in residential complexes or optimizing wastewater management in commercial establishments, the Sanishower pump offers a reliable and efficient solution across various scenarios.



The successful implementation of the Sanishower drainage pump at the local office building exemplifies SFA India's commitment to innovative and efficient solutions. By addressing the challenge of wastewater collection and pumping with precision, SFA India not only met the client's expectations but also showcased the manifold benefits of the Sanishower pump by Saniflo in enhancing operational efficiency. As industries strive for enhanced functionality and cost-effectiveness, solutions like the Sanishower drainage pump emerge as indispensable tools in optimizing infrastructure and facility management.

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