Everything You Should Know About a Submersible Sewage Pump

Professional blog 03/17/2023

Everything You Should Know About a Submersible Sewage Pump

A submersible sewage pump is designed to be installed in a pit and covered under water. It consists of a hermetically sealed motor that drives the pump. Unlike a bathroom suction pump, these pumps work by pushing the water that needs to be drained. This enhances the energy efficiency of the product and makes it suitable for pumping multiple types of fluid, including wastewater.

Most commercial submersible pumps come with certain disadvantages. These typically include the site constraints when it comes to installing such a product (digging a pit, trenching and cutting the slab, the inaccessibility of the pump for regular maintenance and corrosion). In most cases, the pumps are left without routine maintenance until they break down, leading to work interruptions and the cost of replacement.

Most sewage cutter pump systems are installed in a pit and used to lift the wastewater. As there is always a pit, the submersible pump can also collect the wastewater coming from kitchen floor drains.

Best sewage pump in India - SFA

All types of industries need wastewater (black or grey water) lifting solutions, whether in commercial offices, restaurants, factories, or the medical fields. Combining practicality with modern and efficient design is SFA, with its complete range of over 30 wastewater pumps and lifting stations.

A long-term answer to all drainage and wastewater-lifting solutions, from individual homes to commercial and industrial environments, SFA caters to all segments of solutions for lifting wastewater with its complete range of floor-standing wastewater pumps.

A modern alternative to the traditional sewage cutter pump is the Saniflo, also known as the macerator pump, by SFA.

Key Features of Saniflo Pumps

A major advantage of the Saniflo range is that there is no major building work required to create an additional toilet facility. Indeed, the Saniflo is a floor-standing sewage cutter pump that can be connected to a WC, wash basin, and shower. All it needs are a water inlet and an electrical outlet. This technology, invented by SFA in 1958, will collect and lift the wastewater to the sewage point in small discharge pipes (22, 28, or 32 mm external pipes vs. 100 mm pipes in conventional plumbing).

Also sometimes referred to as a bathroom suction pump or Saniflo, SFA has the largest range of macerator pumps. Its large range allows an adaptable solution to all types of situations. Hence making the brand among one of the best sewage pumps in India.


Advantages of SFA Pumps

The state-of-the-art range of SFA above-floor pumping solutions is ideal for numerous heavy-duty commercial applications. The products are designed to effectively discharge all types of wastewater, including black water, grey water, and hot or soapy waste water (from washing machines or beauty salons). The key advantages of installing SFA pumps include:

       Easy to install : SFA takes pride in providing the most reliable floor-standing pumps. This avoids any contractor or plumber’s need to dig a pit or cut the slab. Furthermore, the discharge pipes used are small (22 mm to 50 mm external pipes).
To that end, SFA pumps are a cost-effective solution for installing a washroom or pantry anywhere you want.

       Reliable : SFA pumps use a unique activation system that reduces the potential number of failures due to sensor malfunction.

       Silent : Our state-of-the-art technology and team of engineers have designed the most silent pumps that will operate without disrupting your daily lives.


SFA allows any person to install a washroom or pantry anywhere they want without major work and at a low cost. You can find our unique solutions here.