3 Reasons to Install Sanicom for Your Commercial Project

Professional blog 05/08/2023

3 Reasons to Install Sanicom for Your Commercial Project

Establishing a commercial project is no small feat. From creating structural designs to setting up the proper equipment, it can be a time-consuming and expensive task.

One of the most important considerations for a commercial business is eliminating wastewater. This is particularly important for businesses such as salons, kitchens, and laundromats etc. that deal with high volumes of water. 

Traditionally, a stainless steel water pump was the popular solution. However, most conventional pumping solutions require construction work and structural changes that can throw a spanner in the works. Further, high-traffic hours require quick drainage of voluminous water, which may be a problem for a typical stainless steel pump. Any breakdown here can lead to sanitation concerns, health hazards, and set up roadblocks in operational efficiency. 

Since time is money for most commercial enterprises, such issues can also cut through one’s profit margins over time. Sanicom by Saniflo offers solutions to these concerns, helping commercial projects operate efficiently and maintain healthy profit margins.

Here, we look at why Sanicom is the best under-sink drain pump and a perfect choice for your business.

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1. Budget-Friendly Solution

Optimising the use of financial resources is critical when establishing a commercial business. Installing a stainless steel pump may require additional expenses due to trenching, drilling into concrete, or making structural changes. Along with the added expense, this may also lead to complications in a rented space that does not allow any changes. Conversely, Sanicom by Saniflo is a powerful lifting station for grey water placed above the floor. This makes it an efficient, cost-effective, and instant solution for a commercial enterprise.

2. Efficiency in Operations

The Sanicom series has been designed to seamlessly process high-volume wastewater originating from sinks, dishwashers, or showers. The Sanicom 1 contains one pump. To ensure continuity in operations at all times, the company introduced the Sanicom 2, which contains two independent pumps. Both pumps operate alternately or can even run simultaneously during busy hours. The two-pump system ensures that in the event one pump stops, the other takes over, allowing for uninterrupted service.

3. Easy Maintenance 

When it comes to commercial operations, simply installing a kitchen sink drain pump is not enough. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure consistent performance. The Sanicom series has been expertly designed to withstand all types of grey water at a maximum temperature of up to 90° C with minimal maintenance. Further, it comes with a removable motor and level sensors for easy maintenance at the customer's end. Unlike a traditional stainless steel pump, these advantages reduce the hassle and cost of maintaining the station significantly. 

Sanicom by SFA 

A modern solution to the stainless steel water pump, the Sanicom lifting station is a must-have for busy commercial environments. The system is built to handle water at high temperatures, which is often a mandatory health and sanitation requirement. Additionally, most commercial drainage deals with acidic water, which does not degrade the Sanicom pumps, unlike other systems, when used according to the recommendations. 

The Sanicom lifting station has a maximum permissible temperature of 90°C for the pumped liquid for up to 5 minutes. It offers multiple connections including a basin, bath, shower, bidet, sink, dishwasher and washing machine, making it suitable for heavy commercial applications. SFA offers two variations of the Sanicom lifting station: Sanicom 1, which can be used in busy commercial environments, and Sanicom 2, which features two powerful motors where the second motor is a failsafe backup.

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Establishing an efficient drainage system for a commercial project is a critical task. By shifting to an above-floor lifting station such as Sanicom for a kitchen sink drain pump, commercial projects can speed up their operations while enhancing efficiency. For more details on leading wastewater drainage solutions like Sanicom, connect with the experts at SFA today.

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