Sanishower Grey Water Pump for All Kinds of Clinics!

Convert any space into a clinic without major plumbing work with the Sanishower grey water pump. No digging or core cutting is required for installing the pump, thanks to its floor-standing design. All you need to do is place the unit on the floor, connect your washbasin or sink to the pump, and connect pipes to the nearest sewage point. Upon usage, the pump will automatically discharge wastewater via a 32 mm pipe. And that’s it! Your new clinic is ready with a smart yet modern plumbing solution!


Key Advantages:

  1. Eliminates pit digging
  2. Fits easily in small places
  3. Can lift water vertically or horizontally
  4. Prevents odour
  5. Operates silently


Upgrade your clinic with Sanishower grey water pump today!


The Sanishower grey water pump is ideal for installing a shower room or clinic. It can take grey water from a sink, washbasin, and shower. Due to its compact nature, it can be easily fitted into small or tight places.

Established in 1958, the SFA factory in Bregy, France stands as a testament to decades of manufacturing excellence. Spanning over a vast 20-acre site, this facility serves as a global production hub for the company.


Checkout our technical brochure to discover our wide range of pumps and their technical details like pumping capability, discharge pipe, inlet connections, etc.

Download the technical sheet to learn the important specifications and details about our pump. Know important information such as dimensions, performance, connections, etc.

Check out the detailed instructions on how to properly install and set up our pump. Read the manual to ensure proper installation and longevity of the product.


Implementation of the Sanishower Pump for Green Walls at a Local Office

This case study covers how the Sanishower grey water pump helped a local office with their unique wastewater disposal challenge. The office wanted to install 16 green walls in the building. Sanishower enabled the possibility of installing the green walls by collecting grey water from the walls and discharging it to the closest drainage point.
Case Study

Discharge of Wastewater from Dental Chair Washbasins to the Upper Drain

Discover how the Sanishower grey water pump helped in the conversion of offices in a mall into dental clinics without changing the structure of the existing infrastructure. Thanks to its small size, the Sanishower pump was connected to the washbasins to discharge the wastewater from the mall basement to the upper main drain.
Case Study


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