Here you will find everything related to SFA wastewater pumps. Be it a product catalogue, product videos, installation manual, or case studies, this page will help you with all the relevant information about our products. Scroll down to get to know SFA pumps better!


Take a look at our factory in Bregy, France! All our products are designed, tested, and manufactured in France!

With Saniflo, you can conveniently create additional toilet facilities anywhere with zero hassle. Watch the video to know how our macerator pumps work! 

Bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement, or laundry room—our powerful lifting stations can pump wastewater from anywhere!


Access and download brochures, manuals, 3D files, etc., for SFA pumps.

Check out our technical brochure to discover our wide range of pumps and their technical details, like pump capacity, discharge height, inlet connections, etc.

Download the applications brochure to see real-site installation images and case study of our products.

The product installation manual will guide you with the correct steps for a proper installation.

Download 3D files in a number of formats for all our macerators, pumps, and lifting stations.

Check out SFA India's golden rules of installation for a brief overview of what and what not to do while installing SFA pumps.

Training Course for Professionals

We have articulated a short training course exclusively for dealers and professionals so that they can learn more about product ranges available in India. Complete the course and get a Saniflo certificate.


Macerator Pump Case Study

Sanibest Pro for vertical evacuation of bathroom wastewater from a basement to the upper main drain.

Grey Water Pump Case Study

Sanishower: Discharge of wastewater from dental chairs washbasins wastewater to the upper drain.
Grey Water

Lifting Station / Pump Case Study

Reasons to choose a Sanicubic Lifting Station for sewage water. Sanicubic range by SFA India.
Lifting Pump


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