Sanibest Pro : Vertical discharge of washroom wastewater from a basement to the upper main drain

Case studies , Professional blog 02/15/2023

Sanibest Pro : Vertical discharge of washroom wastewater from a basement to the upper main drain

Sanibest Pro for vertical evacuation of bathroom wastewater from a basement to the upper main drain:

How Sanibest Pro managed hassle-free vertical evacuation wherein the bathroom was lower than the sewage level

The Challenge: 

An education institution needed to have a student/staff bathroom comprising one toilet and one washbasin installed in the basement. Now, the level of this bathroom was lower than the sewage level.

This rendered the problem of wastewater not being able to reach the upper main drain from the basement. Although it is not easy to break down such structures to solve this challenge, it requires minimum breakage and easy installation solutions.

And such a challenge must be addressed immediately, given that clogging or failure of wastewater to reach the upper drain will cause sanitation problems and generate a foul smell over time.

The Solution

To combat the issue, SFA recommended the Sanibest Pro. SFA systems are pioneers in flexible sanitary applications and render compact, ready-to-plug, and pump sanitary solutions that target multiple challenges.

All bathroom waste outlets were connected to Sanibest Pro. Sanibest Pro is ideal for complete bathroom applications and has the advantage of low inlets for easy installation and an easy-access service panel. The grinder system of Sanibest Pro is designed to handle the waste often disposed of in educational institutes, be it pamphlets, tissue papers, and the like.

It renders vertical discharge up to 25 Ft and horizontal discharge up to 150 Ft.

The Sanibest Pro is a 1 HP pump system that incorporates a grinder system that is also ideal for uncontrolled environments in residential and commercial applications like rental units, offices, and warehouses.

Conclusion: Sanibest Pro managed the vertical evacuation of the wastewater from the educational institute in a 32mm pipe and up to the main drain. 

Sanibest Pro leverages its thoughtfully designed structure to vertically evacuate bathroom wastewater from a bathroom constructed in the basement to the upper main drain without any breakage of structure or hassle.

The new-age, innovative technology of Sanibest Pro provides easy installation and is cost-effective.