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SANICUBIC 1 WP : Install a bathroom in a basement

Case studies 11/04/2022

SANICUBIC 1 WP : Install a bathroom in a basement


Install a complete washroom with WC, washbasin and shower in a bungalow basement. 


Compact solution was needed

Lack of gravity drainage

Solution – SANICUBIC 1 WP

1. 1P68, installation in a pit is possible

2. Multiple inlets for the WC, washbasin and shower connection. 

3. Supplied with an alarm system

SANICUBIC 1 WP allows the discharge of sewage water from a complete bathroom. 

Cutting the slab is not necessary as it is a floor standing lifting station. Its heavy duty grinder technology allows the use of 50 mm pipes as discharge pipes. 

The advantages of SANICUBIC 1 WP

Heavy duty grinder solution

Max height : 13 M

Max flow rate 13 m3/h

Max temperature : 70°C (for 5 minutes)

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