Improving Bathroom Space: Installing Sanipack for Fitted Bathrooms

Professional blog 04/10/2024

Improving Bathroom Space: Installing Sanipack for Fitted Bathrooms


Moving into a snug apartment with a lovely view is delightful, but dealing with a small bathroom can be tricky. Many homeowners encounter the common problem of having limited bathroom space. In such cases, traditional plumbing solutions may not be the best fit. That's where the Sanipack toilet pump system from SFA India steps in, providing an innovative and space-saving solution for small cloakrooms.

When faced with the challenge of maximizing limited bathroom space, it's crucial to explore alternative solutions that can make the most of every inch. The Saniflo system offers a compact yet powerful design, allowing for the efficient disposal of wastewater from sinks, showers, and other bathroom fixtures.

Unlike traditional plumbing setups that rely on gravity to transport wastewater, the Sanipack toilet pump uses advanced technology to macerate and pump waste, making it ideal for installations where conventional drainage systems are impractical or impossible to implement. This innovative system can be easily installed in small cloakrooms, basements, or any area where space is at a premium.


The Sanipack as a long-term solution

Crafted for discreet installation in spaces where back-to-wall-hung sanitaryware is preferred, the Sanipack sewage cutter pump offers a sleek solution for complete shower room installations. With its extra-slim design, the Sanipack effortlessly handles waste from a WC, sink, bidet, and shower, making it perfect for fitted bathroom units. Equipped with three inlets and discharging through 22, 28, or 32-mm pipework, the Sanipack requires no core cutting or pit digging, thanks to its floor-standing design. It can pump up to 5m vertically or 100m horizontally, ensuring hassle-free operation. Ideal for ensuite bathrooms and small residential spaces, the Sanipack sewage cutter pump offers space-saving convenience, concealed design, and reliable performance, making it the perfect choice for modern bathroom installations.


Benefits of a Sanipack Installation

The Sanipack by Saniflo offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for various bathroom installations:

1. Versatility: Ideal for installing complete shower rooms and fitted bathroom units, the Sanipack is versatile enough to adapt to various residential and commercial spaces. Whether it's an ensuite bathroom, a small residential space like an apartment or studio, or a commercial establishment like a restaurant or hotel, the Sanipack fits seamlessly into different environments.

2. Space-Saving Convenience: With its extra-slim dimensions, the Sanipack allows for installation in spaces with limited room, such as small bathrooms or utility rooms. Its space-saving design provides flexibility in placement, maximizing the available square footage without compromising on functionality.

3. Concealed Design: The compact design of the Sanipack macerator pump makes it possible to conceal the pump behind the wall or inside the bathroom cabinet. This concealed installation not only enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom but also saves valuable floor space.

4. Efficient Water Pumping: The Sanipack's powerful macerating pump system efficiently pumps water, ensuring effective drainage from bathroom fixtures like toilets, basins, bidets, and showers. It can pump water up to 5 meters vertically or 100 meters horizontally, making it suitable for a wide range of installations.

5. Easy Maintenance: The new design of the Sanipack sewage cutter pump offers easy access for regular servicing and maintenance. Homeowners can enjoy a stylish and functional bathroom without the hassle of spending too much time on installation or undergoing frequent repairs.


Technical specifications of the Sanipack:

Here are some technical features of the Sanipack macerator pump that establish it as a plumbing marvel – 

Can lift wastewater up to 5 m vertically or 100 m horizontally

Low noise level of 42 dB(A)

Discharge in 22, 28 or 32 mm pipe

3 inlets for connecting a WC, washbasin, and Shower 

Access for easy servicing and maintenance


Comparison with Other Systems

In comparison to traditional plumbing solutions, Sanipack macerator pump stands out as a versatile and efficient alternative. Traditional plumbing often requires extensive modifications to accommodate the necessary fixtures, leading to increased costs and construction time. Addressing common concerns about space-saving solutions, Sanipack's compact design eliminates the need for large, unsightly plumbing structures.



In conclusion, improving bathroom space in small places is a challenge that many homeowners face. The Sanipack toilet pump system emerges as a revolutionary solution, offering a compact design, efficient water pumping capabilities, and the ability to install a half bathroom with ease.

By opting for Sanipack by Saniflo, homeowners can overcome the limitations of traditional plumbing, enjoy a sleek and modern bathroom design, and maximize the functionality of their limited space. It's time to enhance your bathroom experience – choose Sanipack for a space-saving and efficient solution that doesn't compromise on style or functionality.

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