Exploring the Key Features of SFA India Lifting Stations: A Breakdown

Professional blog 07/31/2023

Exploring the Key Features of SFA India Lifting Stations: A Breakdown

Simplifying what a lifting station is - What are lifting stations?

Lifting stations are specialized structures equipped with powerful pumps designed to transport wastewater and sewage. They are integral in areas where the underground sewage pipes are below the level of buildings or where gravity alone cannot facilitate the movement of water uphill.

Lifting stations typically consist of multiple components, including pumps, pipes, control systems, and a collection chamber or pit, among others. They act as a centralized unit that houses the pumps and other necessary equipment for the efficient discharge of wastewater. 

Sewage Lifting Pump/Station: The terms "sewage lifting pump" and "sewage lifting station" might seem similar on the surface. While they both involve the use of pumps within a lifting station to transport sewage water from lower to higher elevations, a sewage pump is a standalone device while a sewage water lifting station is a system that consists of various technical equipment including sewage pumps, wet wells, control panels, and other devices. Both provide the necessary force to lift the wastewater and ensure its effective movement through the sewage system.

Grey Water Lifting Station: A greywater lifting station is another type of lifting station that deals with the pumping of wastewater generated from sources other than toilets. This includes water used for chores like washing dishes, doing laundry, or taking a bath. Similar to a sewage water lifting station, grey water lifting station collects and pumps the grey water to higher elevations, allowing for appropriate disposal or treatment.


Advantages of SFA India Lifting Stations

SFA India Lifting Stations offer a wide range of advantages in wastewater management, providing easy installation alternatives and efficient solutions for various applications. Whether they are for residential or commercial use, our lifting stations simplify the collection and lifting of wastewater to the nearest sewage line. Here are some key advantages of our lifting stations:

       Easy Installation and Time Savings: When you choose SFA India lifting stations, you benefit from an easy and hassle-free installation process. Our solutions eliminate the need for extensive floor excavation or gravity drainage trenching, saving your valuable time and resources during construction or renovation projects. You can install our lifting stations without disrupting existing infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

       Versatility for Different Applications: Our lifting stations are designed to cater to various requirements, making them suitable for a range of applications. Whether you need a lifting station for a residential building or a commercial establishment, our products have you covered. We offer specialized solutions such as the SANICOM range for commercial kitchens or pantries, as well as the SANICUBIC range for heavy-duty applications involving sewage and grey wastewater. Our SFA India lifting stations are versatile, budget-friendly, time-saving, self-installing, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

       Comprehensive Solutions for Every Project: We understand that selecting the right lifting station for your establishment can be challenging. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of lifting stations, including the SANICOM and SANICUBIC models, to address different requirements. Whether you need a grey water or sewage water lifting station, a single or dual motor configuration, a buried or floor-standing installation, or an alarm system, we have tailor-made solutions for you. With over 30 products available, we ensure that you find the most suitable lifting station for your project.

       Durability and Warranty: Our SFA India lifting stations are engineered for durability and reliable performance in diverse environments. We take pride in delivering high-quality pumping solutions like the SANICOM and SANICUBIC that you can depend on. We take the customer-first mentality and our commitment to quality seriously, which is why we offer up to 2 years of warranty on our lifting stations.


What are the Common Applications of SFA India Lifting Stations?

SFA India Lifting Stations have a wide range of applications in various sectors due to their history of established efficient and reliable performance. Here are the versatile applications where our lifting stations are commonly utilized:

1. Commercial and Residential Complexes: Our wastewater lift stations find extensive use in commercial and residential complexes where multiple sources of wastewater need to be managed. These lift stations collect and lift wastewater from different areas, such as restrooms, kitchens, and laundry facilities, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing backups.

These include:

  • Convenience stores/ supermarkets
  • Fitness centres
  • Hair/ Beauty salons
  • Bars/ Cafes/ Hotels/ Restaurants/ Fast-food chains 
  • Corporate offices
  • Clinics/ Nurseries
  • Retirement homes
  • University campuses
  • Mobile (travel-friendly) units

2. Mining and Construction Sites: Our lifting stations provide reliable solutions for wastewater management in mining and construction sites. They efficiently collect and lift wastewater generated from excavation sites, construction areas, and mining operations, ensuring proper containment and preventing environmental contamination.

3. Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants: Commercial kitchens and restaurants generate a significant volume of wastewater that needs proper management. Our lifting stations handle the collection and lifting of wastewater from sinks, dishwashers, and other kitchen equipment, ensuring efficient disposal and preventing drainage issues.


About SFA India Lifting Stations.

SFA India Lifting Stations offer innovative solutions for efficient wastewater management in various applications. We provide a range of reliable products designed to meet specific needs, including sewage grinder pumps, alternatives to submersible sewage pumps, sump pumps, and wastewater pumps. Here’s delving into two key product lines from SFA India: Sanicom and Sanicubic.

Sanicom: Our Sanicom range is ideal for commercial applications. It is specifically designed for commercial environments. These lifting stations simplify complex wastewater situations, making them ideal for installations in commercial kitchens, pantries, salons, and other high-energy usage areas. With their 1 or 2-pump feature and an in-built alarm system, the Sanicom range ensures continuity of operations, prioritizing reliable performance over anything else. Whether it's grease, food particles, or other waste, the Sanicom efficiently collects and lifts wastewater to the nearest sewage line, preventing drainage issues and maintaining a hygienic environment.

Sanicubic: Our Sanicubic range of lifting stations is designed for heavy-duty sewage and wastewater management. These lifting stations are equipped with powerful pumps capable of handling sewage and grey wastewater efficiently. Sanicubic is recommended in situations where there is a need for a heavy-duty sewage pump or a sewage grinder pump. These lifting stations are suitable for a wide range of applications, including offices, restaurants, hospitals, and other settings that require reliable and continuous wastewater pumping. With their robust construction and advanced features, Sanicubic lifting stations ensure effective sewage disposal and contribute to a clean and functional environment.

At SFA India Lifting Stations, we also offer a wide range of other wastewater pumps to address the diverse requirements of wastewater management in various settings. These include submersible sewage pumps, sump pumps, sewage grinder pumps, and wastewater pumps, catering to both residential and commercial applications. Our sewage grinder pumps are designed to efficiently break down waste, ensuring smooth flow through the system. The submersible sewage pumps and sump pumps we provide are specifically engineered to lift wastewater from different sources, ensuring its proper management. 

When you choose SFA India Lifting Stations, you are choosing a lifetime of high-quality pumps to effectively handle the collection, transportation, and proper disposal of wastewater, thereby preventing drainage issues. By opting for our reliable and efficient products, you contribute to maintaining a clean and sustainable ecosystem. The proper disposal of wastewater facilitated by our lifting stations and pumps plays a vital role in preserving the environment. With SFA India Lifting Stations, you can be confident in meeting your wastewater management needs while promoting a clean and sustainable environment.


Our Promise

       Our lifting stations are manufactured in France and have all the attributes of French-made excellency. They are backed by up to 2 years of warranty and an unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and reliability to meet and exceed your expectations.

       SFA is a pioneer in the wastewater management industry and is a specialist and inventor of sanitary floor standing and above pumping technology. Our products are easy-to install and save hefty professional costs. The best part is that they serve various establishments and especially come in handy where major drainage installations and operations are not possible.

       Noise-free functioning is one of our core hallmarks, so our lifting stations are built to operate quietly. They are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, simultaneously meeting your wastewater management needs and being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

       When it comes to efficient and reliable wastewater management, SFA India Lifting Stations can serve as your go-to choice for every project. We are here to ensure the success and longevity of your system, offering you peace of mind and the confidence that you have chosen the best solution available.



SFA India not only provides you with lifting stations that are the pinnacle of French excellence but also offers important benefits such as warranty coverage, expert technical support, superior quality and durability, energy efficiency, and compliance with safety and industry standards. With these features, SFA India ensures that you, as our valued customers, receive reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solutions for your wastewater management needs.

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