SFA Lifting Stations

Install a washroom or kitchen anywhere you want without big works



What is a Lifting Station ? 


A Lifting Station’s objective is to collect the wastewater and lift to the closest sewage line. 

SANICOM : Grey water lifting stations

The SANICOM range is the ideal when installing a kitchen or pantry in commercial environments (kitchen, office pantry etc.). 

These products can guarantee a continuity of operation thanks to its 1 or 2 pumps feature and in-built alarm. 

SANICUBIC : Sewage water lifting station

These heavy duty lifting stations can collect and lift the sewage and grey wastewater. Its floor standing feature makes it an ideal alternative to the submersible pump in a pit for new or even replacement installations. 

A SFA Lifting Station is recommended when there is a intense usage and where continuity of operations is needed (office, restaurant, hospitals). 



Why use a SFA Lifting Station ? 


SFA lifting stations are an easy to install alternative to digging the floor to install a sump pump or trenching to have gravity drainage.

Our above pumps makes the installation of multiple washrooms or kitchens easier and quicker !

Thanks to our wide range, our products can be used for individual houses, small or commercial buildings.


Challenge : 

A commercial shower room with toilets, washbasin and showers need to be installed in the basement of a fitness center. Unfortunately the drainage pipe is located on the upper level. 

Solution : 

SFA floor standing IP 68 SANICUBIC 2 VX avoided the costly and time consuming actions related to the installation of a sump pump. 

This high capacity lifting station (up to 55 m3/h and its 120 L tank) perfectly suited this heavy duty usage.