The evacuation of condensate from boilers cannot always be by means of gravity alone. This is why SFA provides a whole range of condensate lift pumps: for gas and oil boilers, for small kitchen boilers as well as for boilers that need condensate neutralisation systems.


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Sanicondens Pro

Sanicondens Pro

The Sanicondens Pro is specifically designed for disposal of acidic concentrate...
  • Air conditioner
  •  Gas boiler

Any condensing boiler emits condensate, generated by the combustion fumes. Cold water is circulated in the hot fumes which creates condensation causing a transfer of energy from the fumes to the water, and generating condensates. As these condensates result from the fumes, they are acidic. When installing a condensing boiler, care must be taken to remove them correctly. Quite often, boilers are located far from any evacuation points, hence the need to raise the condensate to the level of the sewer.

SFA is an expert in this field. We offer several solutions for lifting condensates or neutralising them, or both at the same time. Our range offers discreet models to be positioned under a wall-mounted boiler or a version with integrated neutralisation specifically for floor-standing boilers.  The Sanicondens Best Flat combines these two advantages: its installation in your condensing boiler will neutralise the acidity of the condensates and raise them in complete safety.

This is a complete system with a lifting pump to lift the treated condensates.

The Sanicondens Best Flat is compact: it has four inlets, it is small in size and consists of a tank with a capacity of 2 litres. It can be fixed to the wall or to the floor.

The Sanicondens Best Flat neutralises the acidic condensate by means of  a refillable tray containing granules. The first pack is included in the starter kit but this should be replaced once a year with new granules (available from SFA).  This ensures that your pipework remains protected from any acid attack.

The Sanicondens Best Flat can also be connected to a dehumidifier. It comes with a pre-connected alarm in case of power cuts and a complete installation kit with non-return valve.

The Sanicondens Best Flat can also be connected to a dehumidifier. It comes with an alarm pre-connection in case of desideratum and a complete installation kit with non-return valve.