SFA Grey Water Pumps 

Install a kitchen or pantry anywhere you want without big works !


What is a SFA Grey Water Pump ? 



SFA floor standing grey water pumps allow the installation of a kitchen or a pantry anywhere you want without major construction work. Our large product range allows us to provide a solution for domestic, commercial, and even heavy-duty applications based on the intensity of the usage, temperature of the water, and quality of the water (soap, oil, etc).

Our under-the-sink pump for grey water lifts the wastewater in small diameter pipes from 32 mm outlet pipes. Our above-the-floor pumping technology avoids the need to cut a slab, dig trenches, or use large diameter pipes.

Our grey water pump can lift up to 7m vertically and handle wastewater up to 75°C for 5 minutes.

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Challenge : 

Install a kitchen for a bank located on the 10th floor without carrying out any major construction work. 

Solution : 

The SANISPEED grey water pump was installed under the sink and used to lift the wastewater up to the drainage point. The pump's dimensions along with its compact system were ideal for an under-the-sink installation without disturbing the users in the kitchen.

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